Entertainment and Production

We are a team of production experts

AIF PRODUCTIONS is a new production and entertainment firm that tells your stories from your own perspective, using skilled and resourceful team to give you value for your money. We are poised to provide quality services using the best modern equipment and effective strategies.

AIF Productions is a limited liability company duly registered and incorporated in Ghana by the company’s Act of 1962 (ACT 179).

We are established to provide pleasing visual and audio entertainment to both national and international consumers.

Our company is committed to ensuring a high sense of innovation and creativity to showcase all creative art works.

Here in AIF, we believe moral standards should not be compromised to achieve commercial appeal.

WE are working to shape raw talents into top notch artist and very useful materials that fit the universal standards; this we intend to cover a wide range of the creative art and entertainment industry, from film and music production, music video shooting, artist management, event planning, birthday and wedding photo shoots and many more.

Our Skills

We possess the best skills in production and entertainment






We seek to establish a creative environment that provides talents with the requisite tools, technology and needed coaching to reach their full potentials so as to improve their personal economies and create a sharing economy for the changing times.


To create an enabling platform, where, talents would bring to bear both their imaginations and realities using modern equipments to tell their stories from different perspectives keeping in tune with the information world.